check, please (pre-production, 2014); Every week, at 7PM on Tuesday evening, four New York City couples, each in various stages of their relationships, get together for counseling. Having no outside interactions with one another, this is the only place where they get to compare one another and their problems, analyzing whose relationship needs the most work. The newest couple in the group is the firecracker, Lyla, an illustrator who specializes in children’s books, and her controlling boyfriend, Jacob, who seems to switch jobs every other week. Then there’s Sofia, a burlesque dancer who constantly doubts if her architect fiance, Jackson, is being faithful. Of course, one can’t forget the newlyweds - stay at home wife Evelyn and her engineer husband Connor. And last, but most certainly not least, is Serena - a pill-popping psychologist - and her soon to be alcoholic ex-husband, Noah. One Tuesday evening, following the announcement of Serena & Noah’s filing for divorce, Lyla declares an idea: for one week, all of them exchange spouses with another couple. Check, Please follows the four couples for one week as they search for the answer to one question: if you trade your spouse, do you trade your problems?

lyla - pippa caulfield
jacob - doug winters
sofia - devon kingston
jackson - open
evelyn - open
connor - open 
serena - reagan kerridge
noah - open 
director - open
producer(s) - open
screenwriter - open
costume designer - open 
  1. ttaylorsswifty said: i offer up devon for whatever role you think fits best. maybe sofia?
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